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"Butter by the Fishes"

I need you!

The time has come, my first collection of HipKiss and LoveBag sewing sets are about to start. With passion, understanding and lots of patience, my babies are now ready to see the light of day. 


Now it's your turn...

There are many ways to get support


PRE-ORDERSenable relatively needs-based orders and "Butter by the fish" the necessary financing through you! You are, so to speak, the crowd that supports my idea. Your purchase makes my dearest wish come true, my creations find their way to you and in return you will receive a unique product with a lot of heart and mind.

The finished skirts are offered in a very limited quantity, they are unique pieces that I personally make in Cologne

Shop now..>>>


gift card

A gift card is ideal for you,


1.) if you want to give someone a gift but you are not sure which product or design is right for them.


2.) if you want to give yourself a gift. You think my product innovations are great, but you can't really decide on one of my designs yet, but you definitely want to support them.


3.) just like that...

E-Gift Cards...>>>





GESCHENK für dich...

Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung!

Um deine Wartezeit etwas zu versüssen, kannst du dir jetzt gratis dieses Printable runterladen.

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