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The Hipkiss (= hip kiss) is a magic skirt that not only attracts everyone's attention due to its special cut, the style and the unique fabric design. The magic skirt gives you a glow up. One for body & mind. It adapts to every body shape. Your silhouette advantageous geforms and contours. The positive affirmations in the inner lining accompany and strengthen you at every turn. 
Let yourself be enchanted and shine...

fabric design

The fabric panel

The DIY Hipkiss fabric panel measures approx. 150 cm x 100 cm. Here all the pieces of fabric are printed and marked by a dashed line and the scissors symbol. The simple structure of the fabric panel allowsintuitive making of the Hipkiss. You can cut and sew your fabric directly without the usual and cumbersome transfer of patterns. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will have fun with Hipkiss.

Der Hug - starke Worte

 the inner lining = soul lining

The LoveHug stabilizes the waist thanks to the double layer of fabric and the positive words printed on it lift your spirits. These strong words accompany you every step of the wayand kick and help you to have a powerful and loving attitude day after day.

This is how real attractiveness is created.

From my own experience, I know about the power of words. Positive affirmations work. These words combined with the corresponding emotion have a deep effect on your subconscious. The more often you align your focus on the good things, you will increasingly draw them into your life (= attract).

You wear beautiful things with your hip kiss. 

The Hug - Is an expression of my wish, to give you a feeling of joy and love for every detail, Every time you hold the skirt in your hands and put it on, you will remember yours very own joy and strength remind.  





The respective design is presented on the heart. The patterns are formed in such a way that the waist appears slimmer, which makes the buttocks appear rounder and the legs longer. With different effects and techniques, your body is contoured and shaped in a sophisticated way. For example: Black Set off at the waist or stretching patterns cut a good figure.

One cut for all. The Hipkiss is very flexible due to its wrapping technique. He grows with you. Gained a pound or more? Lost weight or baby in the womb? Hipkiss adapts to each of your  circumstances.

The wrap skirt falls into a very feminine A-shape. Your Hipkiss always fits. For business, party or just for everyday life! 

You can shorten the Hipkiss at your own discretion.



The bag can optionally be sewn on. 

In my opinion, the bag gives every Hipkiss a sporty touch.

Yes, and of course it is also practical!


3D applications

Use this to get your Hipkisspimp them up or otherwise attach them, e.g. on bags, scarves or tops etc.

This is how you can create great hipkiss matches...

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