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love, live and laugh!

This printable should always remind you of exactly this mantra. I was filled with joy and bliss when I created it. And that's exactly what I wish for you too ...

My knowledge:

No matter what happens in the world out there,

You have love and joy in you.

Mantra : I am also wonderful with my "mistakes".

Color theory: colorful pastel. These color frequencies ensure harmony and calm. Optimism and joy resonate with these frequencies.


Prepare everything you need:

  • Your 3D Printable "love, live and laugh"
  • Scissors, glue and tweezers
  • put on your favorite music
  • and make yourself a tea


Surrender to this work with best wishes and positive affirmations. Carefully cut out all 3 D applis; Sheet by sheet. A very special gift is created, for yourself or for your loved ones!

A present created through your presence.

Have fun and go with the flow ...

Your Nina from Herzbeet

3D Printable "love, live & laugh" DIY artwork III

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