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3D printable "Higher Self"

Despite, or perhaps because of the mud and dirt from which the lotus grows, it blooms in all its beauty.

May you, like the lotus flower, let your beauty bloom. Your perfect imperpection...

Recognize your own potential and live it to the fullest; I am convinced that this is the reason why we are here.

My knowledge:

Most of the time, our supposed weaknesses and mistakes are the signposts to our potential.

Mantra : I am also wonderful with my "mistakes".

Color theory: The color pink stands for gentleness and femininity. This color frequency strengthens your self-love and acceptance.


Prepare everything you need:

  • Your 3D printable "Higher Self"
  • Scissors, glue and tweezers
  • put on your favorite music
  • and make yourself a tea


Surrender to this work with best wishes and positive affirmations. Carefully cut out all 3 D applis; Sheet by sheet. Note the order. Shape each particle and stick it to the right place on page 1. A very special gift is created;

a present created through your presence.

For yourself or for your loved ones ...

Have fun and go with the flow.


Nina from Herzbeet

3D Printable "Higher Self" Artwork I

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