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This DIY sewing kit includes the beautiful magic skirt design №11 "Hot Chilie" fabric coupon with all the textile components that you_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-8d_needed to_finish your hipkis.  


You can find out why the Hipkiss is a magic skirt at Herzbeets Secrets. Make yourself or your dearest friend a unique gift... 


SEW KIT contents

fabric panel

  • Heart | 
  • Hug Positivity Lining | 
  • Bag | 
  • 3D applications


  • bias tape
  • yarn
  • Button
  • push button
  • elastic


You love this skirt but don't want to sew it yourself?

No problem! I'll sew you your hipkiss magic skirt. In my small studio in the middle of Cologne, all DIY sewing sets are lovingly finished for you. 


Colors may vary slightly due to manufacturing.



DIY Design №11 "Hot Chilie" Sewing Kit

VAT Included |
  • Please note our cancellation policy.

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